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Besides being the Chairman and founder of Borak Capital Holding, Dr. Ayman Kandeel founded Pi Capital, Inc. of the United States of America in 2006, together with Mr. Jarallah Aljarallah. He also established and co owns the Arab African International Securities, one of Egypt’s top brokerage firms. In addition to his experience in the private sector, Dr. Kandeel is an accomplished economist, with a broad background in finance, emerging markets and strategic business development for both academia and research. Over the last thirteen years, Dr. Kandeel raised significant investment funds for various large companies operating in the areas of real estate, finance and entertainment.


In 2001, Dr. Kandeel founded AK Comics, a highly publicized comic book published in the USA and the Middle East. Envisioning a peaceful Middle East in the future, AK Comics created a Muslim, a Jewish, and a Christian superhero, for which the reader does not know the difference between. The three heroes’ world revolves around the concept of protecting an imaginary futuristic Middle East against conspiracies targeting the disruption of a supposed peace. He has been featured on multiple media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, NBC, and Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, to name a few, and through this endeavor he got introduced to a lot of known politicians, several of which remain in his circle of direct contacts.


Dr. Kandeel has had a distinguished academic career and has been a professor at Cairo University. He also lectured at the University of Southern California. In April 2009 Dr. Kandeel was awarded tenure in Cairo University’s Economics Department. He earned his doctorate in the field of Financial Markets from the University of Southern California, holds Master Degrees in Economics from both UC Santa Barbara and the American University of Cairo, as well as a B.A. in Economics from Cairo University. He has an extensive record in teaching at both the graduate and the undergraduate levels. In April of 2011, Dr. Kandeel decided to fully retire from the academic arena, in order to further focus on his businesses in the USA and Egypt.


Dr. Kandeel sits on the board of various corporations including the Arab African International Securities, Al Forsan S.A.E., and Borak Capital Holding.

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